Sydney Bauer
Sydney Bauer

The Third Victim Sydney Bauerthe 3rd victim

A blood-soaked nursery. A missing baby.
A traumatised mother.

When David Cavanaugh hears of this heinous crime, he knows immediately he doesn’t want to touch it. The mother’s guilt appears obvious, and David and his colleagues expect to be bystanders only to Detective Joe Mannix’s disturbing investigation.

So when David is corralled onto the case against his will, and appointed Sienna Walker’s attorney, he faces the prospect of taking on a challenge he has always refused - defending someone who is guilty.

But there is more to Sienna’s story than meets the eye – and David soon realises she may not just be innocent of killing her daughter, but also a victim of a crime so vast and so clever that securing a ‘not guilty’ verdict will be close to impossible.

And so he fights on, slowly getting nearer to the real killer and the reason baby Eliza Walker was murdered. But what he does not realise is how close danger is creeping to his own front door – and that in the end there will be not two victims
– but three.


“Lee Child, Michael Connelly…their touch has rubbed off on Bauer.” SUN-HERALD.

Sydney Bauer