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Undertow   Gospel   Alibi   Move To Strike   Matter of Trust  The 3rd Victim

THE 3RD VICTIM: A blood-soaked nursery. A missing baby. A traumatised mother. When David Cavanaugh hears of this heinous crime, he knows immediately he doesn’t want to touch it. The mother’s guilt appears obvious, and David and his colleagues expect to be bystanders only to Detective Joe Mannix’s disturbing investigation.

MATTER OF TRUST: 'It's Marilyn...she's missing.' ...  It's been a long time since criminal defence attorney David Cavanaugh has heard his childhood friend Chris Kincaid speak of Marilyn Maloney; for hers is a name from the past, from a time when David, Chris and the third in the gang of three, Mike, vowed never to let a girl get in the way of their friendship. But now Chris is the ‘successful, happily married US Senator for New Jersey’, and when he pleads with David to return home to help him locate the girl he ‘used’ to love, David reluctantly agrees, leaving his wife and baby daughter behind in Boston. What starts as a favour to a friend soon turns into a major murder investigation when a woman’s bruised and battered body is hauled from the freezing waters of the Passaic. Marilyn is dead, Chris is charged with her murder, and David faces the harrowing responsibility of defending one childhood friend accused of killing another.

MOVE TO STRIKE: Doctor Jeffrey Logan, daytime TV’s most loved psychologist, has a top-rating talk show seen around the world - his picture perfect life completed by his talented lawyer wife and his two teenage children. But this image of domestic bliss is shattered when his wife is killed instantly by a bullet from a big game rifle– Doctor Jeff confessing despite all the evidence pointing towards his blood spattered son. Now David Cavanaugh faces his most gruelling case to date – as fate steps in to see him representing the man charged with murdering his old law school friend. With the Logan children unwilling to reveal what really happened, and Doctor Jeff always one step ahead of his defence team, Cavanaugh must race to uncover the truth, before more lives, including those closest to him, are lost.

ALIBI: Jessica Nagoshi, the beautiful heiress to her father’s billion dollar empire, is being groomed to take control of Nagoshi Inc. That is, until she is brutally murdered in the greenhouse of her father’s extensive estate. Jessica was a student at the prestigious Deane University and David Cavanaugh is thrust into this high-society case when James Matheson, a wealthy, and connected law student is arrested for Jessica’s murder.

GOSPEL: It has been ten years since Boston attorney David Cavanaugh has spoken to his ex-wife Karin, and twelve years since she left him for another man. Now, she has called to ask the impossible. She wants him to represent her husband in the case of the century; the charge – murder, the victim - the Vice President of the United States.

UNDERTOW: Christina Haynes is the teenage daughter of a popular US Senator, and when she drowns moments after a conversation with her best friend’s mother, David Cavanaugh faces his toughest case to date. What appears to be a tragic accident turns into something else entirely as Rayna Martin, a respected African-American attorney, is charged with her murder.

Sydney Bauer